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    cyp got a reaction from Suomy in AD "Mask to Below" shortcut   
    Hi MEB — thanks for your quick reply and adding this to the list.
    To support this request, I would like to explain a bit about how I would use this feature:
    In Photoshop and Illustrator, they both have shortcuts to toggle clipping mask (Cmd + opt + G in Photoshop, Cmd + [opt] + 7 in Illustrator). I can quickly clip/unclip objects without moving my mouse to the layer panel and looking for them. It saves a lot of time during the process. "Paste Inside" feature is already speeding up my working process, but toggle clipping would make the process twice faster.
    Thanks for your consideration.
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    cyp got a reaction from arnofly in AD "Mask to Below" shortcut   
    Wondering if I can assign a keyboard shortcut on "Mask to Below" in the layer menu. Or can I assign shortcuts for the items in the layer menu? Thanks!

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    cyp got a reaction from heartstonks in Guidelines disappear in pixel persona on (most) tools   
    I have been waiting for this feature for a long time. Would be great if this issue gets prioritized!
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    cyp reacted to heartstonks in Guidelines disappear in pixel persona on (most) tools   
    Hi all,
    I added guidelines to my artwork: I need to split it into four quadrants for my 4-panel comic (and unfortunately grid line custom settings doesn't let me increase square size beyond 256 px..., so grid is of no use to me).
    I successfully added the blue guidelines, but when in pixel persona on almost any tool, such as the brush tool, the guidelines are hidden from view. Super strange, and super annoying. This seems like an continuation of a bug in an earlier version of Affinity Designer: 
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    cyp reacted to WalterBeiter in snapping control handles to any snapping candidate   
    I want to be able to snap control handles to any object or to the grid. It would be great, if those control handles act the same as every other object when it comes to snapping.
    That way, I could draw very precise curves, because I can simply lay out helping objects to define spaces and specific angles to snap to with the frontal handles of a node.
    See the screenshot. 
    It would be nice if that blue control handle of the selected node would snap to the red rectangle.

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