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  1. Oh, well thank you very much for that information. I already understand the difference. :D
  2. Oh! understood, thank you very much again. It will be useful for me.
  3. I was really looking for the differences but I did not find any post where they explained it in such a detailed way, now I have no doubts. Thank you very much, hug!
  4. I would like to know what is the difference between exporting an SVG in the different Designer options. For example: SVG (for the web) SVG (to export) SVG (coupled) (I'm sorry if it's not well written, I have AD in Spanish.) And what do you recommend, please? Thanks
  5. I've already bought them, thanks. If someone else has that problem, try to call the bank of the card ... I had blocked purchases online. I read that another person in the forum had the same thing.
  6. Hello, I have been trying to buy Affinity Photo and Designer with a VISA card, however, it sends me a message saying that my provider declined the payment. With this same card I am paying a subscription to Adobe ... so I have not had any problems. I await your response and they can help me, I have enough funds and I can not pay with Paypal.. Thank you.