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  1. Just updated to Photo 1.8.4 yesterday (7th Aug) through the Apple Store, Photo opens up with a reduced screen size and no tools showing at all. Photo crashes instantly when trying to load any new documents or new templates. I also have Designer and Publisher. Designer has also just updated to 1.8.4 and works okay. Anybody else having these problems? Numerous crash reports have been sent to Apple. Using 2019 i7 mac mini with 16GB Ram and LG 32inch 4K monitor, had absolutely no problems with Photo before updating to 1.8.4.
  2. Sitting back and waiting, waiting, waiting patiently for Affinity Publisher. I am hoping to produce two more childeren's books, after using apple ibooks for my first publication, I cannot wait for the latest addition to the sublime Affinity Suite. I keep checking for any latest news on Publisher - but sadly nothing has appeared lately. I shall continue to live in never ending hope and dream of yet another superb application from the team at Affinity.
  3. Kate, I cannot access any of the articles in Spotlight, when I click an article, the "about" or "contact" buttons I get the following message from Safari. Any ideas why?
  4. GarryP, thanks for your comments - greatly appreciated. The pic took approx 40 hours with repeated redraw and erase, you are correct about the reflection - I think in my haste to complete the project I did not review the completed project as I should have done. Further to your comments I went back this morning to the project and re-worked the reflection, I tried inserting the stars as reflections in the water but for me they did not look correct. I have attached the re-worked pic, once again thanks for your constructive comments.
  5. This was my first major design using AD for the main design and AF for the mesh warp to achieve the roof panel curves. Although I used a photograph as a template, this was done intentionally as the object of the whole exercise was to learn the processes involved with these fantastic programmes. Hope you do not take offence at my using a photograph as a template.
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