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  1. What I did was edit the toolbar and add a toolbar entry "Open With Default Application". Then I went to Windows 10 "Default App Settings" (you can just search for this setting in lower left Windows search area) and made the default Photos app Affinity Photo. If you don;t want to do that another option is to use the digiKam toolbar to find the photo in its source folder, then right mouse context in the folder and pick Open with ... and choose Affinity.
  2. @IanSG I found out that you can launch Affinity automatically if it is set up as Window's default photo application - which can be accomplished via the Windows setting.
  3. Anyone using digiKam for photo management on the Windows platform? Is there any way to have digiKam launch Affinity Photo for editing? The lack of a DAM component in Affinity is a source of frustration for me and it appears many others. digiKam seems like a good solution for DAM but I'm not finding an a way to integrate with Affinity photo. At this point all I'm trying to do is be able to launch Affinity from digiKam; seems like it should be easy???. Thanks.

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