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  1. Affinity Photo, has reverted back to holding the size to 72 DPI in the EXIF file after being set at 300 DPI in Development. This problem appeared to be fixed in the updated programme and was working satisfactorily, converting from 72 to 300 DPI in both the development on screen and in the EXIF file. Probably the problem reverted in the last week or so. It explains why one of the Photography sites that I use began rejecting my photographs as having the MB smaller than one I had set. The BETA programme is holding the MB setting to that set during development and in the EXIF file, so seems to be OK. However, that has not been released for normal use as yet. Could you check it, please?
  2. Thank you, John. I shall check that out when I am back on the programme. Roy
  3. Thanks, Walter. Thanks Alfred. I'll use the BETA more than the 'released version. I'll just have to make sure the original files are safe, then I won't lose them. Thanks, guys. H
  4. Hi John Roston. Thank you for your input. You are correct that MB refers to Megabytes. If you resize a document in Affinity Photo from 72 DPI to 300 DPI, watch the number of pixels increase in the 'size' window, on the resize document window. They increase expotentialy. Then resize the largest side to 5400 pixels as I do which also changes the smaller side to match by resampling. If I don't do that, the file is too large at 300 DPI to be of any use on an international website that I use. Not only is it huge, but is also unprintable on anything but a large printer for a bill board for example. To prove this, process one of your photofiles and export it at 72 DPI as a Jpeg to one of your storage files, without changing the sizes. Then back in Affinity Photo, change the DPI to 300 and save that as a Jpeg. Back in Affinity Photo again, with the DPI still at 300, change the largest side to 5400, just click the smaller side which will resample itself. Save as a Jpeg and compare the file sizes in Megabytes. Just hover your cursor over each photo'. Then Right click each photo' > properties > details and check the horizontal and vertical resolution. They should be as you have set them. You may find that horizontal and vertical are all at 72dpi and not at 300 as you have set. This is what is happening to my files and it does affect the photosize in Megabytes. It is not just to use as an internal flag. What would be the use of that? At 72 Dots Per Inch (DPI), there would be huge gaps in the resulting print. Whereas 300 Dots Per Inch, would render a much tighter photograph and would be acceptable for printing as an A3 photograph. H
  5. The Affinity Photo programme before the update, was as I have described, the DPI was held at 72 no matter what I tried to change it to. I had to use another photo sizing programme to obtain 300 DPI and keep it at that. After the last updated version, I could change the DPI from 72 to 300 and 300 was retained in the EXIF file, which meant that it was retained on export to the internet site that I use. As of last week, my photo files have been rejected and that's when I discovered that the DPI was again being reverted back to 72 from the 300 that I had resized them to. Walt! You and I have had this conversation before and it was yourself who said that the problem was well known and documented but could only be rectified as a major update, which it was at the last updated version. It was you who suggested that I use another programme to resize the DPI to my requirements and it worked. So when I discovered that Affinity had been corrected and had 'tested' it a few times, I uninstalled the resizing programme. I only discovered that the Affinity programme had been rectified after I downloaded the BETA programme, tried resizing on that and discovered that the file was not reverted back to 72 after resizing to 300. I then tried the released 'normal' Affinity and found that the photo file did not revert back to 72 after resizing to 300. So I assumed that the BETA contained the new code to retain resizing and that it had also been corrected in the original released version. So if you have a better answer, I would love to read it. Thanks for your input into this problem. H
  6. When using either one of the two Affinity programmes, I can be using any of the tools or any one of the menu's and it's not always the same tool or menu, Affinity stops responding and the screen greys out. Some times it responds after a short time of a few seconds to a couple of minutes and sometimes it does not respond at all and I have to shut the programme down. I was delighted to see the Affinity stall at the photography show and I mentioned it to Chris Fitzmaurice, ( what a great name). He said that it could be because I was running Affinity on Windows and it was originally designed for MAC, but that there was a fix being built for the problem. In this particular case, I was using the distort filter, Horizonatal to Point. but it can happen when I want to save any adjustment that I have carried out and want to save. I have attached a couple of screen shots to try and show the problem. I have attached three screen shots. I was resizing the file. I have also attached the raw file of 29.4 mb. I can't attach a smaller file because of the problem. I had developed it and moved it to the Photo Pasona. IMG_1104.CR2
  7. Hi Dan C. Apologies for the delay in responding. I have been doing some research in editing and I have discovered that this problem occurs without warning and at any time in the editing process. I have come to the conclusion that it may be a problem with my machine as you cannot replicate the crash on your systems. Looking further into Firefox which is my preferred server, I have refreshed Firefox as there were some issues that Firefox Quantum has resolved. So I have refreshed onto that programme. I will continue to process photo files and see what occurs. I shall let you know. Thank you for your input. Roy Hesketh
  8. 1. The Affinity crash report folder is empty. 2. PC specs attached 3. Graphics card is up to date. 4. The same thing happens with and the Beta.
  9. When using the previous Affinity Beta and now the new Beta 243, I find that problems have been inherited by the 243 build. Up to last week 11/02, I could use the programme without serious problems. Then week beginning 11/02, when I tried to load a tiff file that had been processed from the raw file, by the beta programme, I started to receive a message reading that a non beta file could be damaged by loading it into the beta programme. The file had already been processed into a tiff by the beta, so it appears to be a false negative. Then after downloading the new beta 243, I am receiving the same message, for any file that has beem processed in the previous beta and loaded into the new beta. (A screen shot of the message is below). Further to this, when loading files into either the Beta version, or the non Beta version of Affinity, I get a message above the MENU BAR which says that Affinity Photo is not responding. Then when I tried to 'jog' the programme with either the left or right mouse triggers, the whole screen greys out. It can take anything from ten to thirty minutes for the screen to clear and at that point the chosen file appears loaded. Before I downloaded my first BETA, the proplem was only occasionally. After first loading the beta the problem got slightly worse, but only on the main Affinity programme. Since loading the new beta 243, it has got worse. I have just opened successfully, a Beta processed tiff in Affinity Photo 165.123. the released version. Then after closing it, I tried to load the same file into Affinity Beta 243 and was informed that the file is a release version document, when I know that I processed it in the Beta. It doesn't make sense and it driving me to distraction. I am uninstalling Affinity Beta to see if it was interfering with the Affinity released version. Then I shall reinstall it in a few days time and test it further. Regards Roy Hesketh.
  10. Hi Walt. I have since uninstalled a programme that I used to use to resize from 72 t0 300 dpi and is no longer needed. I thought that may be interfering, so I want to test further before attaching a TIFF file. Thanks for your input. Just reading other postings on the new Beta and Other users don't appear to be having the same problems so it may be interference fom something on my PC. Will have to investigate further. RH
  11. I have been using the Affinity Photo Beta extensively over the past couple of months. This is screen shot attached is coming on when I try to load a file that has been saved in tiff as a PGD? If I shut down the beta and load Affinity photo (not beta) the same file will not load until I have repeatedly pressed the left mouse button. then a message strip comes on the screen above Affinity and says Affinity is not responding. The blue timing ring is activated all the time. Then the photograph finally comes on. I can load a 'normal' i, e. tiff shot without problems other than waiting for it. Sceen shot from beta below.
  12. heskphotography

    Affinity Photo Beta.

    I have down loaded Affinity Beta and evrything was OK from the Raw through to adjustments. After working several layers, they would not flatten. The flatten bar just continually scrolled for 15 minutes, then disappeared. The stacked layers were still there, they had not flattened. Before writing this part of this post, I have just ckecked and the stack has flattened so there is some delay between clicking to flatten and actually flattening the layers. So it seems to work, but there is some considerable delay.
  13. heskphotography

    Affinity Photo Beta.

    Further to this flatten posting. I have just worked on another raw and flattening was carried out in 1.5 minutes (one point five). Further testing is required to ensure that neither of them were gliches.
  14. heskphotography

    Duplicating a photograph

    Full image/document is the same thing. Thank you for your prompt reply. I shall try your answer and it (sounds) about right. Unfortunately, at my age answers don't come readily to mind and they need a bit of a shove. So thank you verysame. Roy H
  15. How can I duplicate a full image to make two pictures of the same image so that I can manipulate one with the other?
  16. heskphotography

    Duplicating a photograph

    Not quite what I was meaning, but it will do the job. What I want to do is make a montage of the same image, or document as it is called. Thank you for your input.
  17. heskphotography

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Fantail; Tried to download CS^ from the Adobe site, but was blacked again by their insistence that I subscribe again. I'm reluctant to even contact them now I'm so disgusted with their higher than thou attitude.
  18. I must admit, I do tend to use Lanczos on the finished product. I do view at 100%, but only to determine and adjust noise and to detect and correct anomalies. Roy
  19. After developing into photo persona, all the smooth edges go jagged. When I click on the 'un sharp' mask filter the jagged edges smooth out and altering the sliders doesn't affect the edges at all. When I click 'apply' and the application guide slides across then disappears, the jagged edges are still there. The 'un sharp' mask filter has no effect. This has only happened since the latest update. I have just switched the photo back into develop and the jagged edges smoothed out. Then I put it back into the photo persona without doing anything else to it and the jagged edges appeared again. I have just tried several raw photographs in the Develop Persona. Everything was fine all edges, straight and curved were smooth. When I put them into the Photo Persona, all the edges went jagged. Just by switching them from Develop to Photo, all the smooth edges went to jagged.
  20. heskphotography

    Introduce Yourself

    It's hi time I introduced myself. Roy H. Used to use Photoshop CC until they put the price up. So when I came across Affinity I jumped at it. Mind you at first I didn't think much of it, but that turned out to be unfamiliarity. I have a CS6 disc and thought I would use that in conjunction with Affinity as I purchased it for £600. That was before CC was launched. Then I updated to CC. But after dropping CC, I tried to load my CS6 disc and Adobe blocked it telling me I had to subscribe to their programme in order to use my own disc. Which I thought was underhanded as I had purchased it outright and had paid to use it. It won't even try to load, Adobe just blocks it. I tried to contact them several times to argue it out with them, but they didn't want to know. I should have left it on my system when I subscribed to CC. But thinking about it, CC was loaded over it so probably absorbed it but I should still be able to use a disc that I own. I'm not looking for answers, just making other people wise to it. Well that's off my chest, so HI Y'all. Great programme.
  21. Thank you 'I' Dedicated User. Switching in preferences did the trick. That's something new that I've learned. Incidentally why is it bilinear and not bicubic?
  22. Hi stokerg. Thanks for your reply. I have been carrying out some investigation and got some interesting results. First the raw is loaded into Develop Persona. Then I use my presets Basic, Details and some Tones adjustments. Everything is fine Development. There are no problems there. The file is then sent to the Photo Persona and this is where it starts to get interesting. The photo come on at 19.7%. The broken lines on the jackstays can clearly be seen. If I then zoom in one click it goes to 20.0%. The broken lines can still be seen. If I then do one more click on zoom it goes to 25.0%. At that point the broken lines disappear and the picture is perfect. Now! If I instead of zooming, crop the picture several times by cropping the bottom of the photo, i. e. the grass in the image and then undoing the crop, but working up towards 25%. the broken lines disappear after 24.4%. This happens with any raw file. That includes raw files that have previously been developed successfully using Affinity Photo before the latest programme update. As requested, I have attached the PNG file of the latest developed file in the Photo Persona. Screen shot two is in the Develop Persona and screen shot 1 is in the Photo Persona. The difference can clearly be seen. I hope you understand all that and thank you.
  23. heskphotography

    EXIF file loss and DPI not holding after changing

    My sentiments exactly. Why build such an enjoyable, useful and great programme? Then not fix the small nigly problems and spoil a good programme. When I first purchased this programme, I was of the opinion that it was inferior to PS and said as much. After working with it for quite a while and getting used to using the various Pasonas, it is superior to PS in many aspects. So why force users to have to use another programme to carry out the adjustments they need? Is it because of the attitude that we only get what we pay for? Or is it that, if we don't like it, we can go back to PS? Serif has a good reputation. Don't spoil it because of this continuing problem
  24. One of the site I post photos to, require 300DPI and the EXIF file as proof of ownership. My raw files are always 72DPI in Affinity. When I create a new blank photo document its at 300DPI. I paste the photograph onto it and the photo DPI changes to 300DPI. However, the EXIF file is lost. If I don't past to a blank document, but change the DPI from 72 to 300 on the original developed photo and export it to Tiff, the DPI reverts back to 72 in my tiff files. The photo on the Affinity interface is still 300 DPI. The same thing happens if I export to Jpeg. 72 DPI is no good for prints. It needs to export at 300 and still retain the EXIF file. Thanks heskphotography.
  25. I sent a Jpg file to your drop box. That was 200Meg. It will show you the colours I'm talking about. It may be just too much for Affinity. In the last message I sent more than just, 'the Tiff file is 1,59gig. It's huge.' Did you get all the message? As the image tiff is 1.59Gig doing anything with it, like selecting, copying and pasting, is just going to increase the size, as it's like copying and pasting the same size of file again. It's just adding to the original 1.59Gig size to itself. It's just too much for Affinity to cope with easily. Thank you for your input, but that's the answer that I have come to.