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  1. Hey! Are there any really good CRT and VHS filters for use in Affinity Photo? Cheerz! /M
  2. Hi! Guess this is a stupid question but I've tried figuring it out on my own but must be missing something here. I have a photo and I want to convert it to a set palette of just 16 colors. Eh... How do I do it? Anyone? Cheerz! /M
  3. Hey! I know this wasnt possible when I asked a long time ago. But asking again just in case this has been changed. Any way to convert your regular Affinity Photo license to a Windows Store licence? Cheerz /Mats
  4. Hey! If you buy Affinity Designer from the Windows Store. Is there a way to also transfer the license to my ordinary Affinity account? So I have access to the regular download / serial as well etc? /M
  5. I would definitively be interested in moving to the Microsoft Store. I'd much rather have it that way. /M