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  1. fefrei

    Adjustments lost during PDF export on iPad

    Hm, that is unfortunate. Doing vector work in Affinity Designer and trying to export it as vector graphics doesn't seem like a niche use case to me. It'd be nice if this would be supported better. (This would probably mean that Affinity Designer would have to cut the shapes and compute the new colors on export.)
  2. fefrei

    Adjustments lost during PDF export on iPad

    That works, but of course, that’s just a workaround – I really want a proper vector graphics export.
  3. I‘m having problems exporting designs that contain a masked invert to PDF (or SVG) on iPad. The attached file demonstrates the issue: It contains a light-gray rectangle, a large part of which is inverted by a masked invert adjustment placed above its layer. In the app, this results in a near-black area, as expected. This also works fine for rasterized exports, see the attached PNG image. However, when exporting to PDF, the invert adjustment is apparently lost, and I only see the light-gray rectangle. Is this a bug in Affinity Designer? MWE.afdesign MWE.pdf
  4. Oh, right! Looks like that was causing this. Thanks!
  5. I'm used to the violet outline highlighting selected items fading out quickly when I deselect an object. This has stopped working for me. This means that any object I've had selected since opening a file has a permanent violet border, like so: That's quite annoying. How can I get the border to disappear again?
  6. I'm having the exact same issue with Photo on a Surface Book: When using the mouse, the brush circle is shown fine, but when using the pen, I only see the default mouse cursor Windows uses for pen input. Are there any news on this issue?