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  1. Thanks, I did also just notice, which I didn't realize the other day is that the side to the right where you do layers, etc. is not up either, I dont know how to bring it back. I did however get the left side back, but I can not get the brush to work that removes items in a photo, which is the one I like to use the most. I was learning it pretty well. So basically I am at square one and cant learn anymore till it is fully up and running. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Flo
  2. It’s working now. Using the tab key worked. But what it was was just a complete black screen without a tool bar. Thanks for all the help. Florence
  3. Ok just tried it and it didn’t work
  4. I will try the TAB key soon and get back to you. thanks for replying
  5. My entire tool bar has vanished. I am fairly new to this, want to learn more. I was working on the site and then everything vanished, I upload the app and the entire screen on my MAC is blank. What do I need to do? Should I uninstall the app and reinstall on my Mac? Thanks, Florence