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  1. Hi Could either yourself or MEB please reply to this post, thanks. PB
  2. Bennyb

    Affinity will not open from Photos

    Hi Still waiting for a fix PB
  3. Hi, Thanks for your quick response. I inadvertently duplicated this post, as I couldn't find it after the first submission. One of your colleagues (MEP) has offered a possible fix, which unfortunately did not work. Still happening! PB
  4. Bennyb

    Affinity will not open from Photos

    Hi, thanks for prompt reply Sorry, that attempted fix results in the same message. BTW: iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012) OS 10.12.6 Display name now changed. I did try to change it straight after registering, but it wouldn't let me! Thanks
  5. When I click on "Edit in Affinity" in the editing page for an image in Photos, all that happens ids a message saying "Afinity Photo could not be launched. Please press cancel" I have unchecked and rechecked the extension in System settings. It's the same for any image, and restarts make no difference. All the other Affinity extensions work fine! How can I get this one to work?
  6. My extensions menu in Photos editing page shows several Affinity options.. Most of these work, but when I click on "Edit in Affinity Photo" all I get is a slight screen change, and the message "Affinity Photo could not be launched. Please press cancel." The extension appears, and is ticked in my System Preferences. I have tried turning it off and on. This is universal across all images, and restarting changes nothing. Help please. Thanks