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  1. Bless your heart mate , thanks for the fix ! I was using like a billion copies all in "erase" mode just to get the effect right
  2. Didn't change much but it's something I just wonder why the limitation ? and was it always a thing ?
  3. Also it only lets me rotate by 50% which makes sense since I can only rotate the brush by 180 degrees
  4. So I've recently encountered a problem where I'm unable to rotate brushes a full 360 degrees This is making it impossible to rotate my brushes fully around since they rotate only 180 degrees Is this a bug or am i missing something ?
  5. Well I actually have used it but I feel like the transparency given by the Negation makes it look better , letting the pattern of the scarf trough while the white remains concentrated . In Photoshop people use Light Burn as a blend mode , but in Affinity there is no such option the most similar is Color Burn which makes the text completely invisible for me
  6. Hello everyone I have a query for you I'm experimenting on a project in which i would need to add text on a blindfold and make it look as if it's painted on/on the blindfold . I found that "negation" blend mode gives the best results in terms of visible texture of the blindfold , however because of the blend mode and the light unnatural black spots appear . How would you guys suggest getting rid of the black spots (The issue is at the R letter where there is quite a lot of distortion of colors)
  7. Hello everyone , recently i started working on glitch art . A pixel sorter would make my work very easy because sadly you cannot really achieve the pixel sorting effect with the displacement map. It should roughly work like the "Wind" tool in photoshop where it slices and displaces the images in a vertical or horizontal plane To illustrate what I am talking about
  8. There are consistency errors when zooming in and the export not looking the same as the project , the effect of distortion is noticeably weaker . However i do not think it's because of the colors of the displacement map , not black and white at least since the displacement map i used had all kinds of colors
  9. Yeah i guess i could work around the issue , however hope the devs get to see this so they can do some adjustments , since there are problems with pattern consistency when it comes to Displacement maps .
  10. Installed the new driver but there is no change in the project or the export
  11. And just now this message popped up which doesn't make much sense since i have a Gtx 1050 ti . Nevermind , just new driver
  12. Well I noticed that zooming seems to change the pattern , however it seems kinda random . Also the problem is really the color since , i would like a strong contrast difference between the face and the effect . But I have to mention that the patters have some differences as well .
  13. Hello everyone ! I have recently started to do some glitch art , and for this i tend to use displacement maps quite often since they blend textures and colors well . However I noticed that when exporting the results differ quite a bit , in this case the displacement effect seems to be "milder" in the export than in the actual work : While working : After exporting :
  14. Right thanks a lot for the help . I suppose after this there isn't much that can be done to make it like the original project
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