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  1. Look. I cant see stroke panel.
  2. Windows: Affinty Photo
  3. We used to make stroke on texts and we could set its width. Now we cant make stroke to texts if we don't convert it to curves. How I'll make stroke to texts?
  4. mustafakar

    Affintity Doesn't Run

    You don't need to load program to start Setup. I mean, use Affinity Installer to repair.
  5. mustafakar

    Seems Yellow

    Dell S2240L Color Profile, D65
  6. mustafakar

    Affintity Doesn't Run

    I opened setup and clicked repair, it fixed.
  7. Hi When I try to run Affinity, I got this error and it doesn't run.
  8. mustafakar

    Seems Yellow

    Thank you. I've done this and it works: https://www.lightroomforums.net/threads/how-to-assign-an-srgb-icc-profile-to-your-monitor-windows.14070/
  9. mustafakar

    Seems Yellow

    White seems like yellow. How can i solve it ?