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  1. Okay I can confirm that the menus are NOT greyed out, they definitely become active once clicked on a layer. I have rasterised, merged, played with colour formats....but still....AP says no, not having it. As John Rostron said "a dark art" indeed. This is the free Google NIK by the way. The do all work as standalone so of course they could still be very useful. Thanks for the help
  2. Hi MEB Yes, I have ticked it. I actually see them in the 'Filters/Plugins/Nik Collection' menu within AP and that's what seems odd. I load a photo in AP, duplicate it (as people suggest), click on the layer, choose a Nik plugin from the 'Filters' menu.........and nothing.
  3. Hello My problem is that the NIK filters install fine, I see them in my filters list but they just refuse to open within AP. I have checked to be sure I have selected a layer and bring the filters 'into play'...but no joy. All the NIX filters load fine independently by the way, but of course it would be much better work-flow wise if I could do it within AP. I have Version of AP on a Windows 10 PC.