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  1. Hi Everyone. I'm new to Afinnity but, so far, after watching the tutorials, am very impressed by the product. I often find myself shooting birds in thick forest regions. The branches can absolutely kill the shot (attached - "Before" is a Limpkin shot at Corkscrew Sanctuary in Naples, Florida). I used both the Clone and Inpainting brush tools to remove the branches with the result shown below ("After"). I'm not happy with the smudging and discolouration that resulted. Should I be trying a different approach to removing these pesky branches? There must be a better way given the obvious power of this editing tool. Thanks all!
  2. Thanks. I'm not familiar with that but I'll investigate. Paul
  3. Everyone, I've enjoyed the replies, especially the ones about pirates and limpy limpkins. It seems that I simply need to refine my skills with the Clone tool. Lets just say that once I get a leg up, I'll be on my way to fixing these problem areas. Thanks guys. I learned something and had a good laugh too. Paul