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  1. beutelmull

    Preview broken in small zoom level

    Thank you very much. That helped. In between I’ve got the same problem again, but in a different project. You will find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/65wuupeg3424ycw/Tasteless-90-01-011.afphoto?dl=0 Maybe that helps to reproduce the problem. In this project I did the same as I mentioned above. I’ve scanned a negative as TIF imported it into Affinity Photo on my iPad and then heavily removed scratches and dust spots (with my Apple pen) while zooming in and out very often. Best regards, Christian
  2. beutelmull

    Preview broken in small zoom level

    Hi, you can download the TIF file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v7l7exokb5s2xy3/Schweden-1994-2018-01-14-0046.tif?dl=0 This a scanned colour negative. I‘ve scanned it with an OpticFilm 8200i, copied the file to my iPad and opened it in Affinity Photo. I cannot remember every step I did with this image, but mostly I do this with my scanned negatives: - fixing exposure - adjusting gradation - white balance - removing spots and scratches To remove spots and scratches I use the restore tool („restaurieren“ in German). Therefore I change the zoom level and the size of the brush quite often. I hope the information helps to find the cause of the problem. Best regards, Christian
  3. beutelmull

    Preview broken in small zoom level

    Hi, are there any hints to solve my problem? Best regards, Christian
  4. beutelmull

    Preview broken in small zoom level

    Hi, thank you for the reply. You’ll find the file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j0d8f93ezqwfl1v/Schweden-1994-2018-01-14-0046.afphoto?dl=0 Best regards Christian
  5. Sometimes the following annoying error occurs in Affinity for iPad: when I edit a scanned image (TIFF) sometimes the display of the image gets broken. Only a few parts of the image are shown then. Looks like only the edited parts of the image are shown. If you zoom in, the image will be displayed completely, but if I zoom back, it is broken again. An export of the image works without any problems. Closing and reopening affinity does not help. Attached you find two screenshots of the same image opened in Affinity in to different zoom levels, one broken, one ok. Does anybody else have this problem. Is there a solution for it? Best regards, Christian
  6. beutelmull

    How do I delete?

    If you want to delete images, you can only delete them one by one.
  7. This is ridiculous. Such a good program and such a bad user interface concerning the management of files. You cannot select multiple pictures and you cannot delete them. You even cannot delete a project with all of its photos. I like Affinity on the iPad very much, but this issues keeps me from using it. It simply is to much effort to manage the files. Best regards, Christian
  8. beutelmull

    Delete Pictures from Start screen

    Hi Fisher you cannot. There is no "delete" entry in a projects burger menu. just a "rename". Best regards, Christian
  9. Hello MEB, the only menu entry I see there is 'rename'. Looks like I cannot delete a project that contains images. How do I delete a project with all of its images? Best regards