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  1. So his "local college" is teaching people how to use MS Office... it's a special-needs-college or what? Isn't a college supposed to provide a pretty high level of education? Down here are called universities, maybe I'm mixing things up? Or maybe he meant "local kindergarten"? His comment "it's just web stuff" made me spit out my coffee... he should switch "professional" career to "professional" comedy!
  2. You are so uninformed it's not even funny, Are you really saying that, for example, Red Hat ($2.4B in revenues in 2016... btw the B stands for billions) is unprofessional? This kid... I work as a web developer. You don't even realize that, just to name a few, Bank of England, Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Linkedin all run Linux... and don't let me start on the smartphone market: over 80% of all the smartphones on the planet run a Linux kernel. I don't expect you know what a kernel is, but google.com (btw it runs on Linux too!) is your friend. Also, check your modem/router: 99% it's running Linux... If you had to "study hard to learn the ECDL" I honestly feel sorry for you. Funny that you ask... I actually have a Red Hat Certification! If you found the ECDL "hard", a RH certification must look like an impossible challenge to you. If you don't mind looking like an idiot, you should really tell Google, Facebook and so on that they are running their businesses on an OS not meant for professionals! It should provide a good laugh to them
  3. When the troll find out that his bank, hospital, email provider and the vast majority of websites he use everyday run software "written by amateurs" he'll experience an existential crisis! Also, did he really mention the european-computer-driving-license scam to support his flawed arguments? This is getting epic...
  4. Don't feed the trolls, even if they are always hungry... you know, apples are not really filling!
  5. It's pretty clear you don't know what Wine is. Or Unix for that matter. Or how FOSS development works. I'm afraid you could not even define what an operating system is actually... Also, how do you know what Serif would be happy to do or do not? Do you work for them or just spend a lot of time trolling using the forum?
  6. Thanks the insight, but I was not talking to you or to the other trolls uninformed users with no experience in software development. Keep eating apples tho, they are good for your health... if not a bit expensive!
  7. I'd love to see a Linux version of Affinity. I'll have no problem paying for it, just as I had no problem paying for the 400+ Linux games I have on Steam for example... I hope the developers at Serif don't give much attention to the many trolls in this thread. It's pretty obvious they don't know what they are talking about, but they are pretty noisy nonetheless... just ignore them please.
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