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  1. He was barely insulting you by saying you troll the thread, you do. You have made your point, we know at the moment serif will not be releasing products for Linux but what is your purpose here other than try to prevent there ever being a possibility? You say that a linux user who says your trolling is insulting you but you say Linux cannot be used by professions, has an average user base of 10 and often refer to linux users being geeks. I honestly do not know the purpose of this thread whilst you are here constantly slating the linux community with your opinions. Is it for your post count or just egotistical? Anyway, if you do not wish for serif to produce products for linux, great for you and we clearly know that is where you sit. So why not give the linux professionals to actually have their say. Have a great day x
  2. I understand this, but this is not the debate that others are throwing into the thread.
  3. You really do not give up. Opinionated, without an open mind. Continue to believe in your own words and yes I do have experience within the photography industry, design & development. This software will not be used by me so this whole debate is pointless and yes a comment like that is a comment of a fool, if the cap fits.... nJoy
  4. Firstly, I have never called you a name not even by your username. Secondly, you are entitled to your opinion correct. You keep saying a professional but a professional could be a professional in whatever profession they choose. A simple example of where linux thrives in a professional environment is in web hosting and security. Anyway I haven't got the time to argue with you on this, you have made your point and I have made mine but does it change anything??? No So farewell & enjoy your OS of choice.
  5. No i understand what you are saying. But you did not specify what profession. Linux is no use to a professional is a pathetic comment, simple. You continue to believe your shiny little apple logo makes you a pro in all areas that is fine with me. But I know many professionals in all areas that use linux and infact most of the true linux users are professionals in their own profession. Do you understand what I am saying? Or should i use bigger letters? At the end of the day, linux is a much more professional operating system than you seem to understand.. yeah you have touched it but your not a linux user so i don't really know why you bother to argue something you know very little about. I am disappointed there will not be a linux version available as linux users do require a better photo editing suite, simple. But it seems like it will not be done so </conversation>
  6. Well I literally just registered on this forum after reading some of the views of what Linux is used for (web browsing lol) and also how it is run on second hand computers (again lol) and how there is no-one to support linux machines (again again lol) and also how your company believes that linux is a budget option ...omg! Do you know how many professional businesses use linux? Military Groups? Public services? Do you also realise that the majority of linux users (which you seem to call nerds..rude!) are far more technically minded than most of the users on other OS's. Why not go out and buy a PC? You say. A PC is a personal computer which can have whatever OS you choose to have on it actually... so as a debian user I do have a PC. Second hand computers run linux? This just makes me cringe! My laptop which I run a customised debian distro has a intel i7 3k CPU, 16GB DDR4, 2GB Dedicated Graphics, 1TB SSD (running /home), 128gb m.Sata (running the OS) along with a 2 Wifi Cards, a 4g sim Module and another 256GB USB 3.0 for addition storage. Not all linux users run rasberian/mint or ubuntu. I researched your software hoping that finally there would be some software company out there making a decent photo editing suite for linux and stumbled upon this nonsense. Instead of trying to compete with photoshop (which you do seem to do a good job at doing btw) on windows and mac operating systems why not actually create something that has no competition and would be appreciated by a group of computer enthusiast. You mention support but us linux users support each other so actually it wouldn't really need much support lets be real. Anyway clearly at the moment, even though points have been made and even though the linux communities are growing rapidly you are just not interested. But what I am going to do is make it my mission for the day to find a way of installing your software and successfully running on linux one way or another, even if I have to manually install it into wine as your install breaks. So the fun begins. and this: The fact you believe this just makes you a fool. A professional doesn't have to play around with linux, a true professional would know how to install almost all linux distributions on any machine and not need to keep changing distro's hoping for the best. Honestly, just because you have installed a few distros this does not make you a professional at all. A true business man does business but as an acting CEO and CTO of an international multi million pound company, I can tell you now your talking out of your rear.