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  1. Hello Chirs, This happens as soon as I start to scroll down to choose a font. I don't use any odd font. I discovered that if I start to scroll very slowly or choose one of the first fonts in the list and then scroll down again slowly, it doesn't crash. Yet, scrolling down the font list didn't cause me any problem before the update. I'll try to send you a report
  2. Hello, I work on Windows 10 Home. After the latest update of Photo, it crashes when I choose artistic text tool and I try to change the font, on a new document. (sometimes it happens also with Designer). When I try to edit a font on an opened document, it just lugs.
  3. Hello again, I also had removed the non-native Windows fonts but the problem insisted. Unfortunately I've uninstalled the trial version and I can't remember if I tried to use the font combo on the Edit Text Styles Panel. Thank you for your response anyway!
  4. Hello Chris, This happened when I tried to edit Arial. I selected the word and when I tried to change the font the app froze. Then I saw that this happens with every font I use. My Windows and Affinity are both in English.
  5. Hello, I recently downloaded the trial versions of Affinity Photo and Design. I really love your apps but I've noticed a problem. In both apps when I try to edit text, they freeze for a while. Sometimes they even crush and close. Also when I type letters appear really slow. I work on Windows 7 64bit. Thank you in advance
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