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  1. Hi Meb, thank you for you reply. I followed the instructions from the video, but affinity still not seeing the plug ins from the folder that contains the suite saved in the desktop, makes me wonder if I have some conflicting folders somehow, I will try to re-install the os and the software to see if that remedies the issue. will post with an update. update: re-installed my os nd app and now is working. thanks Meb for the support.
  2. just re-downloaded the nik plugins, but affinity is not detecting them from the folder they were saved at.
  3. No, I had the nik collection since last year and using it without issues. The trouble started today. I downloaded a free version of DxO 11 a few days ago, today I downloaded the film pack trial, not sure if that's creating a conflict. i just now requested a download like from Dxo for the nik suite once more and waiting on their reply
  4. thanks for your fast reply, I seem to be having issues with the plug-ins today, it worked fine before. removed the path and added again, authorized global but still same problem.
  5. Hello, I just been greeted by message Nik collection is a 15 day trial with an option to purchase. Did DxO change the free status? any news about this?