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  1. Hello all, I have an image file with my old military unit where they have updated our unit patch. Is there anyone who could retrace the image into a clean vector file? I have tried the fee online apps and nothing seems to get the image clean.
  2. Aloha, its because how Apple has the image in the cloud. It will show that the original file was a RAW file. The only way to then edit that file as RAW, you will need to make sure it downloads the full version to your IPad. For me I prefer to just open the file and make a duplicate. This will download the file as RAW. It will then show up as a recent item in my Photo library. This way I know it is the Raw file and not the compressed from the cloud. Then open AP and import from there. If you are using the full option on icloud iCloud and link to your iCloud desktop. I would just load all your RAW format files to a folder there. Name it RAW Photos to work. Then have sub folders such Industial. So if you are out shooting industrial scenes all those shots go there. Now all gou have to do is open AP from IPad go to ICloud Desktop and import the file from there. The cloud will not compress the file that way. The native Photo app for Apple will always show you the compressed version until you download it.
  3. Hello Dan, i have juat soent sone time reviewing the forums regarding Photo supporting any third party stylus. It’s clear since 2016 your customers have requested this support. I myself need to replace an aging stylus. I took the time to review my option then check to see which stylus Photo supports. I was shocked to see so many customers request this but not a solid response from the company. I have ave an older IPad AIr 2 for my edititing, I am waiting for the new Pro to be released. Instead of stopping my editing because of needing a new stylus. I would have guessed there was another supported one for Photo but nope there is none. So why since 2016 have you as a company decided not to fully address this issue? Photo works on IPad Air 2, Apple Pencil Does not. Many other stylus will work on IPad Air 2. Seems logical that you would assist us as customers to full address this issue. Is it cost? Is it a plan to not support the IPad Air 2 in the short future? So it makes investing in options for 3rd party stylus mute? Then this brings up the question at the top of the thread. What about the most recent competition to the Apple Pencil? Why not have a solid plan to either support the Pixel Pro or a legitimate reason not to? Photo was creatated to offer an option for people who wanted full features that Ps did not want to offer on IPad. So is that the only inovation Photo is willing to make? Why stop there? People are different, not all like the Apple Pencil. Why force them to use it if they like another product with Photo. They like Photo so why lose a customer and the social media exposure over refusal to support a stylus?

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