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    Affinity Photo Crashes when exporting jpeg file

    HI GabelM and MEB. Thank you so much for providing some feedback. The problems was happening with multiple files. I just reset the permissions in Affinity Photo as per MEB’s post. It seems to have resolved everything. Thanks again!
  2. 24696EE2-6CEC-45A5-BD4C-6C821854CDB3.MP4 Hello, I’ve been having a reoccurring crashes when I try to export a jpeg and then save it to my photos folder. Ive tried restarting and clearing out the memory of my iPad with no change. Attached is an screencap showing the steps i took before the crash happened. Hope this helps to resolve this bug. I am running a 2017 iPad Pro with 512gb of storage. Thanks for your help. Ray Bonilla
  3. Ray Bonilla

    Using Eyedropper tool with Layer Masks

    Thanks Leigh! I really hope to see that functionality in the future as well. It’s really one of the few things left that require me to use photoshop for my workflow. Have a good holiday.
  4. Hello Everyone, I really love the new affitnity photo but I had a layer masks question. In photoshop I paint back and forth when using masks to get nice subtle effects in my images. I do this by selecting the eye ripper tool . In photoshop , when I use the eye dropper tool on a selected layer mask, it samples the mask itself ( and gives me the black and white value that is in the mask ) .When I try to do that in affinity photo, it samples the main image instead of the layer mask itself which means if i ever wanted to paint back into a mask at a later date, I’d have to remember the grey value ( or guess ) that I previously used so that I can get the same amount of transparency that i had previously painted with. Is their any way around this? Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks for your help