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  1. Yes, I have upgraded from 1.5 to 1.6. The Welcome page only shows the following: I have emailed support and will see what they have to say. Thanks! Jim
  2. I do have a firewall, but I have no idea if I'm blocking "Little Snitch". Can you give me the URL for Little Snitch so that I can see if I'm blocking it? I've never even heard of Little Snitch. Sorry. :-) Jim
  3. Problems here too downloading the free content for Affinity Photo. MacOS Sierra. No content listed to download on the welcome page. Tried the uninstall/install, but that didn't help. Website is very hard to navigate. Seems like maybe you have 3 different web development teams all going 3 different directions, in my opinion. Main page, store page and forum page all are very different. You might pass this along. It would be nice to have some interoperability on the site of such a fantastic product. Jim