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  1. Thanks.. A Lot... to u and JFisher... Thanks again..
  2. Thanks....JFisher... But in the affintiy shop (store) under help and support tab many of countries belongs under physical orders and also belongs India. you are talking about digital order. I can place physical order but how to place it i don't know. also given informations that ship within how many days and how to check your orders.
  3. How to place a physical order for affinity photo and designer for window. and when we will get it. total charges for physical orders.
  4. A dedicated tab stop setting with easy sliding tab setter handles with right, left, center and decimal value alignments. Can be controlled by toggle key like control T or may other alphabet. Also with buttons like reset, apply, delete tab, ok. And also tab stop value input for those uses perfect value inputs.. Or may be like as used in series pageplus editions or coreldraw or adobe's Pagemaker. Just request and suggestion to update in next updated editions. Thanks...