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  1. I've never used artboards, will try that then. Thanks. I had solved it with a rectangle which I drew up, but that was only a work around.
  2. Hi, I don't understand why it is so complicated to do the most simple things like changing the background colour in a new designer document. I can select colour in document settings, I even could make the background transparent, which is great, but why isn't there just also an option to select a background colour in document settings - that would be really intuitive, guys! I've been playing around now for some time already, just to find something that important and that simple.
  3. That worked. Still don't completely understand what was wrong and how that really works. But that's probably my fault.
  4. Hi, I've selected an area and select the correct level, but it's driving me mad that Affinity just only fills it white and whatever I try doesn't use the primary colour I have chosen. What's going on here? Am I stupid or is Affinity using a bit of a complicated workflow here?
  5. Thanks, now it works. I hadn't used Affinity Photo since I've installed Publisher! Easy solution, thank you!
  6. Hi, Publisher corresponding with the other Affinity Apps is great and it seems to work perfectly with my copy of Designer, but Publisher seems not to recognize that I've also bought Affinity Photo. Could it be that I had bought Affinity Photo in the Mac App Store and Designer via the Affinity Store? Can you do something about that?
  7. But maybe, if you are with Affinity, maybe you can look into why it happens at all in the first place. Just to avoid future trouble.
  8. Mmmh - so that would be a work around. I only needed the cover in this case.
  9. I still have a photoshop version from work which I usually don't use, but it worked perfectly with that file. It opened page 1 of the pdf as I wanted and I could expert the cover as a picture. Why does it work in Photoshop and not in the Affinity products? It can't be a general error in the pdf then, that's why it also open in Preview probably.
  10. Thanks! I had tried 2 pdfs and both had the same problem - here is one of them. InclusionAustriaGesamt.pdf
  11. Hi, I tried to open a pdf in Affinity Photo as well as in Affinity Designer and firstly I couldn't select that I only wanted the first page and then I received the error message that there was an error with "parsing". I hope, I translated that correctly from German (Fehler beim Parsen). What is parsing? And - I really like the Affinity products much more than the Adobe products, but as long as Affinity doesn't do some things I need properly I'm stuck with the Adobe stuff as well, just for those things.
  12. What can I do to solve it? Tried it in photoshop version I have from work (but generally don't like and use ;)), but there this worked perfectly.
  13. Hi, I selected an area of a picture, copied it, then made a new document using the "new from clipboard command" and Affinity pasted my selection, but into a far too big canvas. It didn't take my command "new from clipboard" obviously. Could that be a bug?
  14. Hi, I often need to build a new picture from several others and I did that in photoshop by "transforming" the layers ("cmd t" keyboard shortcut). Isn't there anything like that possible in Affinity Photos for Desktop Mac? I couldn't find it at least.
  15. Thanks, that helps! I probably hadn't understood what "flattened" means. That doesn't matter in this case!
  16. Hi, I was very happy to see the direct communication between Apple Photos and Affinity, but today I was a bit confused by an error message of an 16 MB changes limit which I don't understand and don't really know what the consequences are. Please see screenshot! Why is this and what does it really mean? Can it be that I cannot even reframe and turn the photo a bit in Affinity? What would the communication be of use then?
  17. Hi, can somebody tell me why the funktion "copy" is not available after I "selected all" in a document? This is so annoying tonight, I've been trying for hours and it doesn't work! Why????
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