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  1. Hello, many thanks for your advice. I was hoping that the pen tool nodal points would be copied over so that I can use them to finely adjust the copy to the shape desired. Using the handles of the Move tool to fit the shape is time consuming and does not seem to give the accuracy required. Is that possible? Once again, very appreciative of your response to my question. Cheers Mark
  2. I need to copy the contents of a triangular shape using the pen tool or other means and copy/move its contents into other triangular shapes of different sizes. I have tried by selecting the contents via the pen tool, duplicating the layer and moving the selection to another shape. However, it does not seem to be possible to adjust the size of the shape accurately using the Move handles. It would be better if I could visualise the nodal points for the duplicated selection so that I can finely adjust the selection to fit the new location. Is this possible? Or is there a better approach? Many thanks
  3. Using a selection tool eg freehand or rectangular marquee tool to define an area, I then want to apply an adjustment tool eg Levels to that defined area. This can be done of course but the feather adjustment does not seem to work. I am wanting a gradual change within the selected area using any of the adjustment tools. Is that possible?
  4. Currently when recording a macro, it is not possible to rename a channel that has been created. Is there any way of renaming this channel after the macro has been created?
  5. Hello - thanks very much for you prompt reply and work on this. Unfortunately I do not have Affinity Designer so can not take advantage of your suggested work around. I am not a programmer but I would have thought that the addition of more crop overlays would not be a complicated task. I am sure you must have had other requests for other overlays not presently provided. If it is not possible, is there another way in Affinity to utilise grids either as a Style, Layer etc rather than through the crop tool? If it was on a layer you could check/uncheck as desired.
  6. Is it possible to add the compositional overlay 'dynamic symmetry grid' to the overlay drop down. This grid has been found to be very useful for cropping architectural images as well as others. Itn many applications including painting and other creative arts. https://www.ipoxstudios.com/dynamic-symmetry-grids-for-photographers-and-painters/
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