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  1. Hi, many thanks for the reply. It's very strange, looks like this was some sort of a bug, it only happened in one document, previously created in AD 1.6:-S
  2. Hi, when I try to export PDF file using Export Persona, I don't see "include bleed" option anymore: https://take.ms/aulsT It was present in Affinity 1.6. Could you please tell me how to include bleed using Export persona now?... Affinity Designer 1.7 has so many "workflow" failures compared to 1.6, also regarding the performance, that I wish I never made an update from 1.6:(
  3. Hi, since the last update I have some problems with embeding images to my project. On Affinity Designer 1.6 when I dragged and image from MacOS Finder directly to my artboard, the image was embedded. I could delete it from my hard drive and it was still available in the document. I liked this feature a lot. Now when I do that, images are on default linked, which means that whenever I delete the file from my computer, it's no longer available in my project file. Could you please tell me how to change it?
  4. hi, any idea when the beta would be released?:(
  5. I think I would quit using AD and go back to Photoshop, after this "update" it is really not comfortable working with it... or perhaps will look somwhere for 1.5 dmg. Affinity support as we can see don't want to provide any access to older installation files..
  6. Honestly it doesn't matter to me that much. I would sacrifice all these options only to get my drag and scroll functionality. It's the basic thing, I'm sure on future updates it should be an option to choose. But now - I just want my 1.5 back:( Working with very tall websites projects is a living hell:(
  7. Thank for this tip, but I prefer the old way;) I don't see any benefit of switching to 1.6, and the usability has decreased dramatically for me because of this "feature". I'm sure that Affinity Developers have still dmg files with 1.5 version (I don't want to search on torrents etc) so it would be excellent, if you could provide this installation file for those group of people who don't like the new update. I would really appreciate it.
  8. Daaaaamn... perhaps there is some dmg file somwhere to download? Anyone from the Affinity team? Could you please share some source? Working with 1.6 is a real pain now:(
  9. For me as a web designer it's unusable:( When I have a large website project, I can't move objects easily... could you tell me if there is some source when I can download the 1.5 version? I really regret going with 1.6 so far..
  10. Hi, thank you for the reply. I'm on the High Sierra. On the AD v1.5 there was no problem with that, but for now it's unusable for me with larger projects...:( Any idea how to fix it? Or is there any way to downgrade to 1.5 on mac?
  11. Hello, I have a problem with Affinity Designer after the upgrade to the newest version. Whenever I click the object and hold it to move somewhere else, I can't scroll the mouse wheel anymore. It's like the scrolling wheel gets "blocked" while the left mouse button is clicked. It makes the work a real pain, because I can't move the object lower than the screen size... Could you please tell me what can be done here? Maybe it is possible to go back to the previuos version?