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  1. I have another example of glitchy performance of 1.8.3 I've created a two files, one in AD 1.8.3 and one in AD 1.6. I used the same images. Look how glitchy it is to move objects in AD 1.8.3 (not to mention this version with so many images in project crashes every 10 min...😞 )
  2. Well 14 seconds with this file is pretty long don't you think? I have some files that opens above 1 minute, where AD 1.6 opens them in 10 seconds. And they are very glitchy when they finally opens. I'm on Macbook PRO, 15 inch, late 2014 model with IRIS PRO graphics and i7 2,2 ghz processor. AD 1.6 works smoothly with files like 3-4 GB while AD 1.8 is practically unusable with such big files...
  3. Hi, this time I'm sorry for getting back here after so long time... Well, I tested it 100 times and every time the situation is exactly the same. It's not happening on one particular project, it happens with EVERY document created on Affinity 1.6 which I then try to edit and save in the AD 1.8 (the newest version as well). When I save the file (or use "save as" and create a new file) it makes a 900mb file a 61mb and links every image which was previously embeded... it works very bad. In case you would like to investigate it I paste here some file created in AD 1.6: https://we.tl/t-y5YDCTd2M9 I would appreciate some help with this.
  4. best support ever, seriously, you should rethink your approach because what you do with this software is ridiculous...
  5. Hi, I tried on BETA, but it is exactly the same behaviour. After saving file is reduced to 250 MB and completely unusable. What is going on with this software? Update after update is getting worse and worse:(
  6. Hi, I have a serious problems with the new Affinity 1.8 When I create a pretty big file in Affinity Designer 1.6 (bigger than 2gb) the AD 1.6 opens it in about 5 sec. When I open the same file in AD 1.8 it works the same, UNTIL I save changes. After that the file size is automatically reduced to 250 MB and works super slow. Reopening the file takes almost 2 minutes and it works way worse... looks like it is not embedding media, but linking instead. The same problem occurs when you create a brand new file in AD 1.8. When you create many artboards with many big images, the project starts to run super slow. AD 1.6 didn't have that problems at all. Looks like new Affinity has some serious performance or media placing issues... How can we force the Affinity Designer to always embed media instead of linking them? The same issue was present in AD 1.7, 1.8 didn't make anything better... Please take a look how the file behaves in AD 1.6: https://youtu.be/ds9Wjh4IHzU And how it works after saving the project in AD 1.8: https://youtu.be/F7KTDbsSf7c
  7. right now I've embedded everything manually in this file... I will upload a file when I spot this issue with another document. It's actually 3rd time I approach this problem with new AD 1.7 files. Are you guys going to release any update of this unfortunate 1.7 version?
  8. perhaps developers should check this out? I want the images to be embedded every single time I add them, not having to check if AD actually linked them or embedded...
  9. So why AD is linking images in the first place? I've never opened this document in AP....
  10. yes I have Publisher as well. The problem is I don't want to open Publisher every single time I need to use AD;) Shouldn't AD automatically embed all added images? This new version is so full of bugs and errors that is hard to count them all...
  11. Hi, what is going on with "resource manager" in AD 1.7? I made a document containing few artboards, placed there few images (drag and drop from finder), everything worked fine until I deleted these images from my mac. Now I have this message: https://take.ms/5Kvwj1 On other documents I don't have this problem. When I delete something from my mac, it is still in the document.
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