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  1. You know, I am at the beginning of the Affinity Getting Started video and it does not even mention using Save As! This is very frustrating, to be able to find a clear, sequential, consistent set of tools with which to use to even start the process.... I don't care whether it is the "official' or not version but is there not a generally accepted method of just starting? i don;t care about adjustments at this point, I simply would like information on how to import a photograph, label it, (save it by Save As?), and where and how to store/label it and be able to find it in Photos.
  2. ps I am importing my photos in Photos on a Mac, so when I use a Save As on Affinity, are both the original and the Save As stored in the same place? Sorry for the questions which may seem obvious to all, but I just want to get off properly for importing, storage and adjustments Thanks Stuart
  3. Alfred, thanks for clarity. If my original is, say, "Yosemite" and I make a Save As version, the original is its own file and the Save As essentially a duplicate? Any suggestion how to clarify the labeling on "Save As" that I can use for all future duplicates, that can distinguish between the original and the duplicates, any hints or standard practice? Much appreciation, now I will move on... Cheers Stuart
  4. SF Charter Boat

    How to START in Affinity?

    drippy cat, will send in my info for the 90 page tutorial, many thanks! Stuart
  5. SF Charter Boat

    How to START in Affinity?

    Thanks, all! Had not realized there were responses, just modified my settings. Very supportive forum, much appreciation, will review the above suggestions and contributions and start doing my homework. Many thanks, Stuart
  6. Many thanks, again, for the help and suggestions! Stuart
  7. Lots of time and information shared by many knowledgeable people, much appreciation! A simple question has been answered, will use a third party program. This is not a high priority for me but useful in certain situations. Friends have had their photos copied in spite of extensive protection efforts. Will also see if my camera settings provide the © info, thanks for that! Am just starting at the very beginning of AF, going over the tutorials and relieved to have found a comfortable Aperture replacement. And a Forum board with many sharing folks! Cheers and thanks, Stuart www.vineyardvideo.com, some old images, fyi...
  8. Hi All, My initial observation, opinion and suggestion still stands: - Affinity does not have a © copyright metadata option -My (polite!) opinion and suggestion is that Affinity provide it. Lightroom does, do something similar Windows or third party options was not being discussed and appreciation for the options, but I just want to stay with Affinity. I am just a newbie, going to use Photos with Affinity, and I look forward to what I hope will be a good combination after have been dumped by Aperture. Some of my photos will be combined with those of another photographer for a magazine article and I wanted to include the © symbol and info for identification purposes if they got the photos confused, that was the reason behind my initial question. Thanks, Stuart (btw, some of the mentioned photos: www.sfboatphotos.com)
  9. Thanks! Very useful information and appreciate the time and considerations from those responding. Yes, I understand there is no foolproof protection, and I also understand that supposed protection information embedded in a photo will not deter those doing mischief. Understandably, a watermark can be used, but that is not my concern. I just think Affinity should offer, as does Lightroom, an option to include certain info re photo ownership and contact info, which they do not do now. Affinity seems to use a "Description" offer for what is an entirely different subject, notwithstanding the above, and correct comments, re potential abuse. I think Affinity should at least make an option to include a © symbol, date, name, etc. which, apparently they do not now offer. Regardless of those not heeding it, I feel this option should be a basic and fundamental piece of information on a photo, and not have a high end photo adjustment company make a decision for the creators of the image. Cheers Stuart
  10. MEB, thanks for time, advice and forum directions Cheers Stuart
  11. MEB, ahhh, my first posting was to iPad and the one you responded to was done correctly, in the General Questions forum? If so, thanks, will just leave the iPad question there, does not seem to do any harm and if read by anyone will bring up what I feel is a very important element which is now missing from Affinity. Is this the best/only way to contact them and ask for what is simply a very basic part of any professional photo editing system-a method to protect the image? This should be addressed immediately in my view. A simple click to choose which © info to be attached to a photo, which is NOT a "Description" and should have its own link. What Affinity is doing is providing image adjustment tools without any photo protection whatsoever-unless put in "Description", two entirely different subjects Thx
  12. MEB Difficulty following your directions for posting, this is what I get every time, ending in iPad
  13. MEB, Thanks for assistance, explanation and guidance! No need to delete, will post it again per your instructions in correct forum. Much appreciation. Re my © question, the only way to add copyright info is to have to add it to Description field? To me, not including legal protection for a professional photo site seems like it should be a high priority for the developers. This method is no better than the Apple Photos "Description', an amateurish extra step required, with potentially enormous legal and financial implications if not done. Thanks
  14. Hello, First post, been wandering since Aperture gone, starting to use Mac Photos and Affinity and beginning with the tutorials. Photos does not have a © copyright option for name, year, url, etc which I could find, unless adding it to "description". Is there an option to include copyright info into metadata on Affinity? This is a critical piece of information needed to be embedded in photos, so it will be included automatically. Please advise. Thanks, Stuart

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