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  1. lemonmojo

    Spelling Options crashes Affinity Designer

    Will do!
  2. lemonmojo

    Spelling Options crashes Affinity Designer

    I previously had a trial version of Designer installed but I'm not sure which version it was. Of course now that I try to reproduce the issue again, I'm unable to get it to crash. I just updated to the latest DP of 10.13.2 this morning so maybe something in the OS was causing this and was fixed in 17C76a.
  3. Hi, just purchased and installed Affinity Designer 1.6 and started using it. I've immediately noticed a bug/crash that is reproducible every time. No matter which object is selected, going to "Text - Spelling - Spelling Options..." immediately crashes the app. Attached please find a short video showing the bug in action, as well as the crash report from Console.app. cheers, felix Affinity Designer_2017-11-08-123702_FX-MacBook-Pro-13.crash AffinitySpellingOptionsCrash.mp4