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  1. Hi, just purchased and installed Affinity Designer 1.6 and started using it. I've immediately noticed a bug/crash that is reproducible every time. No matter which object is selected, going to "Text - Spelling - Spelling Options..." immediately crashes the app. Attached please find a short video showing the bug in action, as well as the crash report from Console.app. cheers, felix Affinity Designer_2017-11-08-123702_FX-MacBook-Pro-13.crash AffinitySpellingOptionsCrash.mp4
  2. lemonmojo

    Spelling Options crashes Affinity Designer

    I previously had a trial version of Designer installed but I'm not sure which version it was. Of course now that I try to reproduce the issue again, I'm unable to get it to crash. I just updated to the latest DP of 10.13.2 this morning so maybe something in the OS was causing this and was fixed in 17C76a.