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  1. On 11/13/2020 at 6:45 PM, walt.farrell said:

    With the Publisher document closed, first make a copy of it for backup. Then change the name of the image folder and then reopen the document, you should get a prompt telling you resources are missing, and offering choices of Yes, No, or Resource Manager.

    If you respond Yes (not Resource Manager) and locate the first image that it asks for, it should automatically find the others.

    1.9 has an additional function that may offer an alternative for situations like this, File > Save as Package. But for now, I'd suggest the approach above.


    Thx for your quick answer !

    I spent many hours trying your proposal, but it didn't work : I had to reconnect some pictures manually, then the file became very slow, spinning wheel, then many crushes, problems with the master pages, etc. And I ended up with a corrupt file totally unstable. I went back to the old file and old path. I had a similar experience trying to put some files on the cloud. I had to stop, nothing worked.

    Resources managing isn't really working well with APu. So be really careful with moving and renaming files !!!

  2. Within an AP doc, I have 450 linked pics and I want to change the name of the folder where the pics are stored. The images are in a subfolder in the same folder as the doc. The links between the doc and the pics only work if the exact path is preserved. Is there a way to solve this simple problem without having to replace one by one the 450 pics with the new exact path of the pics ?

  3. I don't get the point : the images are loaded within the doc, so what will it change if I rename them since they are independent from their original folders. And I have so many images in different folders that I don't know which ones are in the doc.

    Isn't there a problem with the text styles : I made many changes before the crash, including a new TOC ?


  4. Could it be possible to jump around text and to select text according to Mac standards (or to be able to add keyboard shortcuts)  

    jump to beginning of word : alt ←  // extend selection to beginning of word : alt shift ←

    jump to beginning of line : com ←  // extend selection to beginning of word : com shift ←

    jump to line above : com ↑  // extend selection to line above : com shift ↑

    jump to line below : com ↓  // extend selection to line below : com shift ↓

    jump to beginning of § : alt ↑  // extend selection to beginning of § : alt shift ↑

    jump to beginning of doc : com ↑  // extend selection to beginning of doc : alt com ↑

    It would make AP much more practical to use. Thx

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