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  1. sorry for my late answer, too much to do all the time... @RNKLN it's interesting, that you get the color font shown in the selector. I tried with the test version of AD (besides full versions of AP and AP (^^) ), and in none of the apps I see the fonts in color, neither in the selector. maybe it's beacuse of the OS, I'm using windows - win 10, which is said to be able to handle color fonts, and in a compatible browser color fonts really are displayed. @PÅ¡enda it's not that I didn't find the request from February 2018 (!) in the forums. but as one and a half years are gone since, I wanted to give it a try and ask whether something has changed and color fonts maybe are on the agenda now. and also I wanted to show some interest in this. a function noone ever asked for surely will not be implemented, but...
  2. Hi there, as I'm likely keen on collecting fonts, I somewhat regularly look for awesome ones and stumbled over Color Fonts (https://www.colorfonts.wtf/) On the page, there is Affinity Designer listed as supporting svg-Color Fonts - which must be svg packed within otf, if I understood that right -, but anywhere else including this forums, I only found the whole Affinity Suite does not support this yet, but also found some users, that would appreciate having it supported. So am I, and as I didn't find a posting about, I opened this one - excuse me if this wasn't right. I'm using Photo and Publisher at the moment, but would also buy Designer, just to get Color Font-Support I don't really make a lot of publications, but everytime I do, having color fonts supported would be fantastic. Thanks, and so long, sistra
  3. ChrisB, thanks for the link to the older versions, I downloaded some versions of Photo and will give them a try. I'm also planning to test Photo inside a clean user environment (without all my other user-profile-stuff, it's the next thing to a clean install that I can put into practice without too much effort) I'll let you know what came out... [edit] I didn't had the time for all the tests with the older versions and a clean user-profile, but it seems I found out, when at least my Photo lags (just updeated to I needed to correct some little flaws in a picture and had the navigator active instead of the undo-protocol which I had active all the other times - and there was not even the smallest lag. undo via shortcut worked also quite fast, only the very moment when I activated the protcol again, the lags were back. I yet have to check whether the font-window is slow for itself or just together with the undo-protocol, but for the moment, Photo works much better for me. the undo-slider is a very nice feature and I would be really happy, if a solution can be found for the lagging problem, but at least I found a 'workaround' or just a better setting for my interface and can really start using Photo (yes, I just found out about Photo and am a fairly new user). [/edit]
  4. Hi, I'm suffering from freezes too, especially when working with fonts (287 installed, recently added some but the problem existed before), but also! when editing fotos (*.jpg out of cam, 24M). undoing changes takes longer and longer (even with a total of not more than 5 or 10), changing the tool, and choosing tools from the pop-out-menu takes several seconds. I'm not asking for a immediate solution atm, but want to give you a further hint, that there are some users, oder installation specs, that seem to cause problems. (Core i7-7500U, 16GB ram, Win 10 home 64bit, GForce GTX 960M, SSD I don't do much more than editing some fotos from time to time, but bought the laptop just this spring and think, it must not lag with such tasks, and it dosn't lag with other tools.)
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