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  1. HI, I'm experiencing issues (bugs?) with the selection tools. The latest one is: eg. The Magic Wand Selection tool is now renamed "Flood Selection Tool" and seems to not work. In the screenshot below I have reduced tolerance to 1% and selected the black area, yet it's selected the entire screen. I'm presuming that's not the intended action as: 1. It's kind of pointless having a "flood Selection tool" that selects the whole screen when you can simply go > Select > Select All from the drop down menus 2. There's no point in tolerance settings if 1% is the same as 100%!
  2. I agree with this. It's a serious flaw in Affinity when you can't easily replace a colour within an image. In a rival such as Photoshop you can eg, recolour an entire car flawlessly with a single click of a button. This seriously limits Affinity's abilities.
  3. Hi there's a bug in the Marquee and other selection tools. If I select an area using these and then hit delete to remove the selected area, the whole image is deleted and not just the selection. This is what I end up with, a blank page with an area selected: Program version is:
  4. Hi, Affinity currently has Blur filters, but nothing to de-blur only sharpen. There's a program called Amped Five that's designed for forensic enhancement of stills from video (and presumably is very expensive as a result), that has a range of filters incorporated in it, including a de-blur filter. You might question the value of such a filter given how many people have CCTV at home, however it's worth remembering that an ever increasing number of people now have in car Dash Cameras, and that quite often these suffer from the same type of motion blurring in stills. Therefore I believe there is a widespread use for a de-blurring filter, besides the fact that it may assist with ordinary photography where there's been some mild camera shake. This is the effect of the Amped Five filter on quite an extreme example of blur: It would be useful if Affinity could add a de-blur filter to it's arsenal of tools for dash cam users, CCTV users, and those ordinary photographers who've simply spoilt a shot with a little motion blur through camera shake.
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