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  1. " Hi Merluza, Welcome to Affinity Forums It's possible that there was some issue with the new 1.6 trial and we have temporarily removed it, keeping the previous one (1.5.2) available. Let me check what's going on. [EDIT] The 1.6 trials are not available yet. We will release them later (no eta) so we can include a couple fixes for issues detected after the 1.6 release. Many thanks for your reply.
  2. I have tried to download the trial of Affinity Photo 1.6.6 and when I install it tells me that the trial has finished. After a final try I checked the version and I am receiving 1.5.2 which I have already tried and has indeed expired. The website says that I am able to trial 1.6.6 but this doesn't seem to be available. I followed the link from the welcome email to download. Is there a solution, something I'm doing wrong or is this not allowed? I've also sent a request for this to the email address but suspect this is the quicker way to get through. Thanks for any help.

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