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  1. Ummmm, I'm puzzled. I too was disappointed about the lack of bleed, having come back to learn Designer after some time away. Reading here after this I think that the solution is actually there, but is simply not visible... I set up an A4 page, and then turned off "Clip-to-Canvas" using the /-key so that I could see objects off the page. I then added 5mm bleed guides using the 'Guides' panel that are outside the page (-5mm, 215mm etc), and they are not visible, but a placed object snaps to them just as to any visible guide, and the vertical/horizontal (Red/Green) snap-guide indicators appear to aid alignment as well, so bleed images are a cinch too. The only missing thing is a visible bleed guide, but any suitably coloured page+bleed rectangle gives easy reference to work with and the functionality is all there. I understand that negative margins aren't possible, but negative guides are, although they aren't visible. I've attached a sample file. Bleeding.afdesign