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  1. Rober

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    no problem here (v1.6.0.89). Exif Data are showed up whatever file is directly opened coming from my X-E1 or X-T1. But... the batch process kills all exif data. Checked here with: CR2 -> AFPhoto CR2 -> JPG (metadata imbedding checked!) RAF -> AFPhoto RAF -> JPG (metadata imbedding checked!) Disclaimer: I´m starting to use AP from this week on. May be it works as designed... but this makes the batch process useless.. (... for me)
  2. Rober

    Translation issue

    IMHO, there are some "unfortunately" translations in the status bar at the top and the bottom while selecting a tool in the left bar: ----------------------------------------- Freehand-Tool -> use "Verschieben" instead of "Schwenken" -> and in the same context at the status bar, use "Ansicht verschieben" instead of "Ansicht schwenken" ----------------------------------------- Crop-Tool -> use "an den Anfassern" instead of "an Griffen". If at all, then "an den Griffen", but this an absolut unsual term in technical writing. "Anfasser" is mostly used (although a ridiculous word in german language) ----------------------------------------- perspective/distortion Tool -> use "mit den Anfassern Perspektive festlegen" instead of "an Griffen = Perspektive festlegen," -> use "Ziehen der Anfasser einschränken" instead of "Ziehen der Griffe einschränken." Edit: with 1.6 some corrections are made already :-) Just my 2 cents Rober

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