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  1. Thank you. It would be a very helpful feature.
  2. Hi Dan C, I am using the brush tool.
  3. The process for creating a straight line in Affinity Photo for iPad, as I understand it, is as follows: 1. Click on the screen with the Apple Pencil at the starting location of the line and then lift the pencil off the screen. 2. Afterward, press one finger on the screen and hold while clicking the pencil at the ending location of the line. This will draw the straight line from the first click location to the second click location. 3. If you want to draw another straight line from the end point of the line you just created (e.g., to create a box or triangle), then, while continuing to press your one finger on the screen, click the pencil on the new end point location. 4. When you are done, lift your one finger off of the screen. The above process seems to work well. However, it does not allow me to utilize pen pressure for the stroke. How can I use pen pressure (e.g., adjusting size, opacity or flow) while creating a straight line?
  4. Hi, I have Affinity Photo for iPad and Windows. In both apps, I am experiencing the same problem drawing straight lines.