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  1. My niece has the dresses already
  2. Hi My nieces daughters are asking for a photo of themselves dressed as fairies. What will be the best and most realistic method to add them to a digital background. Thanks in advance Dave Hill
  3. davehill

    Dave Hill

    thank you for the update Chris. I'm pretty sure that i will be placing an order for your app. My only query is if i order the current issue 1.5.2 am i likely to have to pay for the next update. Dave
  4. davehill

    Dave Hill

    Thanks Chris. Just need to look for an alternative to Adobe Bridge now that would work smoothly with Affinity. Do you have any ideal when the 1.6 version is due. Regards Dave
  5. davehill

    Dave Hill

    Hi Chris The demo i am using is Affinity Photo 1.5.2. When i load a RAW file (Fuji RAF 24MG) it takes approx 30secs to appear in Affinity Photo. I have only opened one at time. My operating system is macOS Sierra version 10.12.6. I have the same problem on both my Mac pro and iMac at home. Both are using the same operating system. Regards Dave Hill
  6. davehill

    Dave Hill

    Hi I have just in the process of trying the demo copy of Affinity Photo, but i am finding that any photo i try to upload (jpg, Raf or DNG) seem to take forever to load. Does anyone know of a fix for this.