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  1. In Illustrator I use the Stroke Width Tool and lot and I've found that when I import Ai files over to Affinity Designer, the strokes that have been modified with the Illustrator Width Tool have all been expanded and therefore no longer strokes. Obviously this presents a compatibility problem where all my previous strokes are no longer editable. I'd like to see a directly compatibly with the Illustrator Width Tool or not have the strokes expanded and converted the Affinity Designers Pressure adjustment (Though I like the direct Width Tool much more). Thanks.
  2. Hi, new user here. My issue is that I am trying to transition away from Illustrator and need to open a lot of legacy files and all of the strokes I've used the Illustrator Width Tool on are now all expanded. I really hope that they'll be some news on the Affinity implementation of the Width Tool soon.