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  1. in new version, export options is not showing at all..
  2. Zoom out is not working properly, zooming out on other page...
  3. @domink, thx for reply. I tried a few times now.. I dont see that is the logic of zooming out.. I think it is a problem with some kind of memory where you been, not where is cursor.. But never mind of that, we agree that this needs big improvement!
  4. Hi @larsh, thx for reply. I meant when you zooming ut with shortcuts (space - cmd -alt). It zooms out on other page, not on page where you are...
  5. Peternel

    Save a copy?

    That is great idea!
  6. @Jf Papillon Best way is to link pics... That option is very much needed in Aff D..
  7. Is it possible? I want to copy txt style to other txt in document with selecting txt - copy, than selecting other txt but Paste style and FX is nt available.. Pls help
  8. Thanks for reply Walt, yes, i know that way, i am using few styles for headlines and regular txt. But have also few dimensions that is not repeated on other pages (only in other languages (i am doing multilanguage brochure)) and i dont want to have all that styles on list... So, as it is in Indesign, you can simply just pick and paste style with the picker, or in Affinity Designer with Copy - Paste Style/FX. Seems to me that is also variant in Publisher but when i do Copy - Paste is not available.. THinking maybe i am doing something wrong.. Thx
  9. I would like to start a project in Publisher... 40 pages catalogue.. Is Publisher capable to finish it with export to .pdf for press? Did anyone try it?
  10. @Michael117Thanks for sharing your exp.!
  11. @fdelaneau Did u use multipages - spreades?
  12. @Joachim_L Thanks for useful information! I will try as you suggested with a few pages.
  13. @VolkerMBThanks.. Yes, i am aware of that.. But i used gradient options (Conical) which is not supported by Adobe.. This is gonna be a long trip :)...
  14. Thanks for advice... I am wondering if the algorithm (or whatever is the name) for export is the same as in Designer... I am doing one big project which design is applicated in any possible way and solved it with print houses. Now I need to start a brochure. Publisher CRASHED ON FIRST STEP! Importing colour palette from Designer :(.
  15. Is it possible to copy/cut and place contents in same position where it was?
  16. That will do for that situation, but seems like it is improvising? Thanks for your effort!
  17. It is about pasting object at same place where you copy it. Or cut it. It is working on on artboard but i found that when it is out of bounds it is not placed on same place... Try this. Get some object out of bounds of artboard. Duplicate it with drag and alt key (on mac). Cut or copy that duplicate and paste it. You will see it will be placed on original object, not on one where you cut/copy it...