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  1. Thank you so much this does seem to work - I never knew the colour panel eyedropper could be dragged you learn everyday! This is good to know, thanks again
  2. I don't know if this is a "bug" or a "suggestion" - it's just based on how I work with the Artistic text tool. If I have a heading saying for example "our values", and I just click-drag the word "values", if I want the change the colour of the word "values", I click on eyedropper to quickly pick a screen colour and the text gets de-selected and the colour of the whole phrase gets changed. If instead I have "values" selected and I click in the colour panel and drag the colour to, for example, black, it works fine on changing the colour on just my text selection. I would like to be able to change colour of only the highlighted artistic text using the eyedropper as I cannot always pick the exact same colour using the colour panel. - just a thought.
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