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  1. Thanks gents I'll have a play and see what I come up with cheers
  2. Morning all In that other photo editing program I was able to add a graduated (terminology?) border to an image. ie started from white and gradually darkened to black as in the 1st image below. I can't seem to be able to do this in Affinity Photo. Is it actually possible? I've searched through a lot of posts on borders and watched countless videos to no avail. I can do a two step border as in the second image. I suppose that I could do more steps but that becomes quite labour intensive. Is the only real option to create a reusable template like film strips posted by v_kyr ? Thanks Nick
  3. Thanks everybody it seems that the workaround is as per toltec and v_kyr whichever works in the receiving program cheers
  4. Alfred Thanks, It may be that I'm not clear in my description. The original photo is stuck in one of those (useless) magnetic albums The original scan is square with other images etc which needed to be cropped out. After cropping to the border of the original photo we end up with square photo where we want a diamond shape If we were printing it would not be an issue but we want and electronic diamond shape. So if opened in another program it would be diamond shaped PS would images help?
  5. Hello I've an old family photo taken with the camera at an angle of 45°. The photo is thus diamond shaped rather than square. After scanning and cropping etc the family group is leaning to starboard. ie the horizon line is running from one corner to the opposite corner. I've rotated the image which essentially cuts off the corners or if resized results in the corners having a severe case of vignetting the 'view' 'rotate' option makes it look ok on the screen but doesn't save or export like that (ie a diamond shape) I suppose the question is: is it possible to rotate an image and save it in a diamond shape? PS I'm using Photo
  6. Nelli

    Here's your chance Serif

    I've kept using Bridge for this type of function and would also applaud an Affinity DAM
  7. I'm new to Affinity - just started the trial version - I'm not a power user but don't like the adobe pay by the month I'm also pretty new to lightroom but use bridge often and would like to see something similar to allow pre import viewing and cataloguing (If Affinity photo already ha s this then I apologise and hope someone will point me in the right direction) PS I'm liking what I see in the package so far - well done Affinity