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    Preferences... more, more.

    About Assistant: I hate when every Adjustment tool makes new adjustment layer without my decisssion. Ok, I have to press Delete in Dialogue window, but in the Assistant Manager i get only two options. It would be nice to have the possibility to automaticaly Merge the change or Abadon it. The pollution of Adjustment Layers makes me nervous and diminishes the possibility to keep my document well organised.
  2. It's again some kind of workaround. OK, I'm new with AP, but if I would like to feel myself at home like in PS, or reccommend it to my collegues this is a MUST BE! Otherwise PS will still be a King and I'd like to support the alternative too. ... So I have to put it in a Brush properties and since I can not see brushes as icons (?), I'll have to browse all the time as mad, not to be able to see whether this feature is active or not. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE! ... and I want to use this feature with ANY brush or Eraser. Please add a knob or shortcut (or both). It's essential!