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  1. OAN I tried the original file in the 1.8 beta to test out the metadata features and it exported with no issues. Granted it still took a minute or two, but no issues.
  2. @Old Bruce I recently swapped to PC after 3 years with a Mac and have been kicking myself ever since. My Macbook's "specs" were way less than this MSI I'm running now and it was still faster. Though you could fry an egg on the bottom when editing video. Lesson learned. This will be my last PC. Thank you for running it.
  3. Hi Callum, thanks for the response! The format for export is JPEG @100%. I edit in ROM RGB colorspace and have it converted to sRGB for my website. I checked the crash report folder and there are a few in there from other crashes I have da over the last month, but since this event was not a crash, there was no report. Incidentally, in ensuring I knew what I was exporting at, I ran the export again but let it export into the same folder I have all my working files in. It exported without issue, but when I tried to run it again in my original folder it would not export. I have checked the properties of the folder and everything looks fine. I don't know what in the world is going on. If we can fix it, awesome, if not at least I know there is a workaround. I also tried opening AP in cmd to see if it showed information as the app was running as apps do in Linux so I could tell you what it is saying. If there is anything else I can do on my end to help, please let me know.
  4. I have a file that I am having trouble exporting. I have already successfully exported the image once but decided it needed a little more work. I added a High Pass and a description and tried to export. Ten minutes later AP was still trying to export. In going into the task manager, the CPU is working overtime (image attached). I have tried several other files from the same group of images I am working with. Every time I try to export my laptop sounds like it is prepping to leave the atmosphere as the fans turn on. Again, the task manager is saying the CPU is working overtime. I have attached the working file and my computer specs. If anyone can assist I would greatly appreciate it! 191011-MBP-Waldnaabtal-062.afphoto Computer Info.txt Is there a place to pull a log I can send?
  5. But what if one had never learned the Photoshop way, would it still be an issue? I can't tell you how many times I hit save as on PS and forgot to mess with the little drop down box. I would go to do large format print looking for the JPG only to find I missed it and saved it as PSD. At least when I export I know what I'm getting. Seconds is all it takes to export. If that is an issue, maybe try adjusting work flow instead. There is always room for improvement, but who's to say it is on Affinity's side?
  6. XNVIEW is not a bad choice. It's not pretty but works similar to Adobe Bridge. You can also set it up to send files to Affinity. Once you are done and export it, you can input the IPTC data back in XNVIEW. It would be similar a Bridge->Adobe Camera Raw->Photoshop workflow. It is free for personal use, but ask for licensing money if you are using it for a business. https://www.xnview.com/en/
  7. I too have had a problem with "erroneous" pixels. I use a Lumix GH4 with MFT lenses. When I shoot night images, I get scattered red pixels with the assistant set to "Serif Labs" and off-colored pixels when I set it to "Apple". The same image in Lightroom does not show these pixels. I was curious if this is something with my camera or if it is a computer/software issue. Attached are screenshots and the raw file (not that great, mirror-less does not like low light). Any help would be appreciated, I would love to stop using lightroom and make AP my primary (Maybe not for this imagery). _1160624.RW2
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