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  1. hm that does sound a bit complicated i'll try it out. While trying out i came across another behaviour that is odd to me. May I use this thread to ask: When you have objects on a) Artboard b) layer and you want to move them all simultaneously (to not loose orientation, alignement etc., it is a perspective drawing) affinity moves all objects into one layer. Is there a way to prevent this? EDIT: My current workaround is, to group the layers and artboards in a group, move them, degroup. But thats kinda a hassle in workflow, especially since i have to move the artboard again back afterwards. Thanks a lot!
  2. Oh no sorry, i mean smth. like guides. i.e. the ones you drag from the ruler into the artboard. (coming from Adobe CS, there you can place helpers and guides as elements in layers. Convenient as you can lock em, transform them, blend them out etc.
  3. Hi there, how to you best work with helpers? I.e. you multiple layers. One is for the image contents, one is for background stuff, etc. etc. you need to place for example helpers one one layer to help adjusting come content to them. But when you also adjust parts of the background, on another layer, to the helpers, they are not visibel as they are linked? to the other layer?... Or is there a hidden setting i have not discovered yet? How could you place helpers on layers or make them visible to all layers? Thanks a lot.
  4. Hey MEB, Thanks a bunch! Interesting. So nested objects are always clipping areas? Cool!"
  5. Hi there, is that intended behaviour? When layering an element in depth 3 like beneath an element, it turns invisible ...
  6. Open new document, create a new layer, move the new layer below background. It crashes instantly for me.
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