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  1. Well now...... I've just completely uninstalled Affinity (using 'Clean my Mac') and re–downloaded it from the App Store whereupon – hey presto! – the "Edit in Affinity" extension is now working! So, all good now – I can at last round–trip to Affinity and back to Mac Photos
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, which I've tried without success unfortunately. I'm waiting to hear from Dan about the issue of an App Store purchase v an Affinity store purchase to see if that is the problem,.
  3. Dan – I'm using a copy I originally purchased from the Mac App store which has been automatically updated to 1.7.0
  4. Many thanks – unfortunately I'm still getting the message after a restart.
  5. I also have this problem. I can't edit a photo using the Affinity extension – I get the message "Affinity Photo could not be launched". I am running Mac OS 10.14.5 and Affinity 1.7.0. I would really like to be able to round–trip with Photos rather than editing a photo in Affinity and having to save it and re–import it to Photos. Any suggestions or advice grateful received.
  6. Chris – many thanks. Clearing the user data didn't work, but the right click method does and in fact it's quicker than using the edit then extension buttons within Mac Photos, so all fine for me now! Andrew
  7. Yup that works. Great many thanks. [I'm still mystified why the conventional round–tripping doesn't work but yours and Chris' solution does, so I can forget the other method!]
  8. Chris - thank you that works. I can edit a photo in Affinity from within Mac Photos by right clicking as you suggested - however I can't see how to leave Affinity and return to Mac Photos where I should be able to view the newly edited photo. In other words this is not round- tripping, it seems I have to save the newly edited photo from within Affinity which is not what I'm after. Can you advise how I can do the round-tripping?. Many thanks.
  9. I am trying to edit a photo in Mac 'Photos' by using the extension 'Edit in Affinity Photo'. When I try this, I get the message 'Affinity Photo could not be launched. Please press Cancel.' Why can I not do round-tripping? I am running Mac OSX 10.13.3 (High Sierra) and Affinity 1.6.7 Any ideas gratefully received. Andrew Griffiths
  10. Unfortunately it hasn't worked for me. I still can't do round tripping from mac Photos. I'm using Affinity 1.6 and Mac High Sierra (OSX 10.13.1). Do you have any idea why, Chris K?
  11. I have exactly the same problem as CleverClod. What's annoying is that when I first installed Affinity, the round–tripping worked but now it's stopped working. Does Serif have any ideas on this?
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