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  1. Many thanks for your replies to my questions. I now have a clearer understanding for my choice.
  2. My iMac is nearly six years old now and does not work so well with AP since I upgraded to High Sierra, so that is to be considered.
  3. I was thinking of a MacBook as it seems I am committed to Apple now, so I would not have to pay for the Affinity Photo app as I already have it. I would use Mail, maps, Imaging Edge to transfer photos from camera, Safari, Utube, iPlayer for TV, Apple Photos, amongst other smaller apps.
  4. I have the desktop version on my iMac but need a portable version, which is why I’m asking. Using for hobby and will be making multi-layered images, along with others, so does the iPad version work or not. Everyone else will be using Photoshop!
  5. I need to buy a mobile platform am unsure whether go for an iPad or laptop. I purchased Affinity Photo for desktop when first released and use it with Wacom pad and pen. Is there much difference in usage? There seem to be some problems with the latest update on iPad, eg. selection tool, inpainting brush. Will this be fixed soon?
  6. Thanks for your offer of help, Gabe. I tried again and library is now working OK.
  7. Affinity Photo Version 1.6.7 Macros will not play and the dialogue box does not pop out. I successfully tried out macros a few months ago as described in Affinity Photo Workbook. Now I'm having problems.
  8. Hi Hello, I have the same problem. Also problems with other tools since update. When checking context bar sub menus, I discovered the brush settings were missing. I’ve just solved problem with inpainting brush by adding the inpainting brush and changing “accumulation” to 100%.
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