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  1. Right, that's what I did in the video... I have no idea how to fix it. Thanks for helping!
  2. Thanks for looking at this, I appreciate it. When I bring the pdf back into Affinity like you did everything (including the stroke) is CMY 0% and K 100%... See video. How do I see what you are seeing? Screen Recording 2018-10-10 at 11.55.37 AM.mov
  3. I have had a heck of a time trying to get my files to an online print company how they need them. I am trying to provide a file for a UV Spot Printed Business Card. They require a 3 page file: Front, Back, UV Highlight (with highlighted parts done in K 100%) I export my file as a PDF under CMYK and Color Forga39 (Which is also what the document has been set up in) but when they upload and bring into Adobe on their end the K is not 100%. I replicated what they were doing and sure enough, when I import the pdf into AI the K is not at 100% with the rest 0%. After hours of frustration, I finally just recreated the file in Illustrator and shot it off to them and of course it worked. What am I doing wrong?? Attached photos show: 1. CMYK for object in AFD 2. Export settings from AFD 3. Confirmation of CMYK for selected objects in AFD 4. CMYK of same objects brought into AI UV Highlight Created in AI.pdf UV Highlight Created in AF.pdf
  4. Hi there, I have been trying to export a pdf for the last 2 days with little to no progress. I've seen previous threads regarding the same issue a couple years ago but no resolution. It doesn't seem to actually calculate the file size and once I select a pdf (I'm currently trying as an svg which is proving equally as tedious) it takes hours to export. I've tried different settings, different file types all with the same result. I had to leave it overnight and when it finally did export the file is all but legible. Because I have a deadline I am now resorting to rebuilding the file in Illustrator. I did look up the file size of the Affinity file and it's sitting at 76.7MB. The exported file from last night came in at 122.8MB. Any thoughts? Am I missing something? (That very well could be the case!) Thank you!