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  1. Thank you both. So I must have issue with my tablet for both apps - Photo and Designer and only for them. Besides the pressure issue, every time I use 2 monitors, the affinity aps just messes the pointer - jumping almost randomly from time to time. The tablet and drivers must be alright because I use it with other pas like ZBrush or Krita or just as a pointer instead of mouse. Only Affinity aps work wrong. I guess I will wait till 1.7 comes up with my complaining and messaging the support team ;)
  2. So the pressure aint work with vector brush? Even if there is pressure set for the brush, like size and opacity variance?
  3. Hi, I have an issue with my wacom tablet (Intous 5) It seem to not work at all, both in Photo and Designer. Not only the pen pressure (even though the wacom tablet settings menu show that pressure is working) but the display toggle for multiple screens feature isn't working as well. The issue is only with affinity. I use ZBrush all the time and tablet works just fine. Windows navigation works too (display toggle feature). I can't recall if it was like this before wacom did driver update - I didn't use Photo too often and I just purchased Designer. But I had no issues in anythi
  4. Sweet, thank you. Can Photo somehow recognize it as a negative area or shoud I only draw a curve on areas I want to keep?
  5. Here's a picture for my question. How convert these 2 curves to mask out area they cover without converting it to selection and paint a mask manually, one by one.
  6. That's right. But I can't mix different curves into one mask. Or can I? It's what I'm talking about. How to use curve tool to mask something with more complex shape? When I need to mask out few diiferent areas in one image.
  7. Hi all. Is there a way I can draw a subtraction mask with a curve tool? Similar as PS can. - you can draw Positive and negative areas with curve and then convert it to the mask.
  8. I can support that. I can't see a reason to not be able to create artboards, neither, while you can read, edit and save ones. Artboards are a cool way to just orginize a work within one document. Ofcourse you can do everything with layers but it can be quite messy sometimes. It would be cool to ad it to "just" photo processing software, imo. I can understand why photographers don't understand it. But I come form corel/adobe vector world, where AP is great replacemement for PS, and is doing great in reading vectors. And artboards or pages in CD, are just gr
  9. The icons are there but nothing is happening when I click on them, Well, now they work just fine I don't know what is going on. They stucked somehow.. But it wasn't the first time it happened so maybe it's a bug or somehing..
  10. Hi, I'm using AP from time to time so I'm pretty new user. Before, I could use all the personas, Now I can't click any of them - the're inactive. I wonder if it's a bug or maybe, there must be some conditions to be made in order to use them? I googled some and couldn't find nothing. Thanks in advice.
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