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  1. Hi, i bought A- Photo 1.5 about 6 Months ago and i would like to update to the last version. WHERE is the "update" button or link? I did not receive an email notifying me about the update and in the software itself, i see no "update" button. Any help on this topic!? Thanks,
  2. Hi Chris, That did solve my problem indeed! Thanks a lot! Cheers, David
  3. I have the problem that in my 4k monitor several menus are not displaying correctly. I am not sure if this started after the last update as it used to show correctly some weeks ago. Any ideas? Thank you!
  4. Hi, i have the following problem: 1 have a file with many layers. If i want to transform one of those layers - i click the transform tool (v) and then the layer i want to transform BUT if then i go the image and try to grab the transform handles is order to rotate, move or scale it doesnt work - meaning, nothing gets selected and the cursor also does not change shape visually. I am not sure if this is happening because in my 4 k monitor Affinity GUI (Menus etc) are not displaying correctly.!?
  5. Thanks! That is bad news as windows scaling causes issues on several aplications that i use. Is an update with internal scaling planned? 4K Monitors are getting more an more used by content creators so scaling properly on high dpi monitors should come soon. You are also Portuguese :-)
  6. Hello, i am running windows and affinity on a 4k monitor. The scaling of the icons and menus is very small. Is there an internal high dpi mode for affinity? Thanks
  7. i am having trouble getting a curve - done with the pen tool - to work as a mask to the pixel layer below. I want to fill the layer below with color - masked by the curve. Am i missing something? Thanks for your help
  8. Hello, i am exporting slices out of Affinity Photo with - batch builder- spine json - it exports the 26 layers and 1 json file correctly. When in Spine i go yo - Import data - i choose the json file but i get an error message "an error ocurred when importing the skeleton. Please be sure to choose a valid skeleton json or binary file. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks for your help
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