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  1. Hi @stokerg, Thank you for the quick response. This happens with other (standard) brushes too … I haven't tried all And the disabling of that Metal option and the restart had no effect. BTW I have the same behavior on the iPad app and in Affinity Photo too.
  2. Hi, I found a bug or a strange behavior when using the Paint Brush Tool in Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer on the Mac and on the iPad app. I found this behavior even in Affintiy Photo on the iPad so I am afraid it is a feature rather than a bug When using the Paint Brush Tool in Pixel Persona on a newly created pixel layer and there are no other pixel layers visible a strange behavior is showing: The first stroke is not showing until I stop drawing and hover over the areas that I have drawn on. With every stroke that I draw outside of the previously touched areas the drawing shows missing artifacts and I have to hover over or zoom a bit to make the drawn visible. A work-around for this behavior is to have a fully covered pixel layer under the new layer. Then the frist stroke on the new layer is shown instantly – as you like it as designer. I attach a video of that behavior and the afdesign-file. I use ADe 1.10.1 on a MacBookPro13,3 with macOS 11.6 and ADe 1.10.2 on an iPad Pro 10,5 with iOS 14.8. I like Affinity Designer a lot – it' a great app for my purposes – and I hope this bug gets to be fixed soon. Cheers! ADe-pixelbrush-bug.mov FipsMusica-test.afdesign
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