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  1. I tried to create some shortcuts for me. In the preferences tab I entered "Command + Alt + Y" for the "Join Curve" command – only to see that is already in use (little warning sign). After chosing a different shortcut I switched back to my document and found that my lines looked weird. I found out, that the "Command + Alt + Y" command changes the view to pixel mode. I guess this could be optimized.
  2. I find it irritating that there is o leading option next to the point size in the top menue. Cheers,Tim
  3. I noticed diffrent font sizes in connected text frames - which I expected to be the same. I dragged open a framed text filled with text overload. After that I clicked the "connected text" triangle and dragged open another textframe and let the text flow in. But the text in new text frame is smaller than the one in first frame – although it is indicated that the size is all 12 pt. I tried different fonts - same result. This also happens with filler text. It doesn't happen when you add a column to a text frame ... Affinity Publisher beta on a mac
  4. Yes - this makes totaly sense. Thanks for pointing this out, in case it happens to me in the future.
  5. Sorry – I probably messed around with some font settings. I opened a new document and the problem was gone.
  6. Hi MEB, I noticed the paragraph leading on the far right, yes. But I like to have near the font size, because it is one of basic first things to enter (font -> size -> leading ... (Tab -> Tab -> Tab)).
  7. Oboto

    opacity slider not hiding after use

    Same with a slider to fine tune justification. It stays on top – even right now, as I am writing this post, it's front of the browser window :) I can even change the values from here.